The Amazing Murals & Street Art of Newcastle……

Nothing will brighten your day more than the colorful, rich and diverse street art culture of Newcastle.  This art work is the lovely suture in the fabric of social and community life and best of all, it is so easily accessible to everyone by foot or by pushie.



I do love the street art around this wonderful city and I like to think of it as being more like an open air community gallery for everyone to enjoy.  I also believe too, some of this sort of imagery is as important as the most expensive art which hangs in the National Gallery.


To me, street art is a visual feast which can provoke and entertain.  It can be imaginative and wildly creative and it can inspire and very often, it has an immensely powerful message. It is the artists’ unheard voice bought to life on an often cold concrete canvas which demands of the world to look and to think.  Street art really has become a global culture and you can find it on surfaces all over the world.




Since I started hunting out and photographing these lovely works of art, I have discovered there is a ‘Street Art Walking Tour’ right here in Newcastle.  This is a guided tour and from their site, SAW (Street Art Walking), you can download your very own street art walking map.



I am yet to download the map as I am happy to wander the streets alone and discover these pieces of art for myself, but I will recommend it to those who prefer a guided tour.  On walks such as these, you will gain information on the artist who created the piece, the meaning behind the artwork and how the piece came to be….which I think is  pretty wonderful.  This really is a great way to appreciate fine art.  When we educate ourselves we then better understand, protect and care for something for we all safeguard the things we love most.






Some of these works are enormous and they are enormously beautiful and the one I have posted below is one of my favorites.  It also happens to be less than a one minute walk from my home and I see it almost daily.



Some of this amazing art is found in the most obscure and neglected of areas which is sometimes inhabited by the homeless and those ‘doing it a little tough’ but I believe that everyone, no matter who they are, deserve to see something very beautiful ….. xx