Cherry blossom, a squirell and a photo…….

It has been one of those weeks.  The sort of long week that gives you a jumble of emotions.  From the tragedy of the Daniel Morcombe case to the lost Malaysian passenger jet.  From earth quakes on the West Coast to tornado warnings down here in the South.   Things happen in our lives that seem a little crazy and as much as we want, we cannot for the life of us control it or fix it.

Maybe at times we take too much for granted and don’t see and appreciate the small things.  Those little moments of joy that make our hearts glad and always seem to pull us through.


One of our little resident squirrels


His home – it is fascinating to watch the construction process  


More stunning cherry blossom


Choppy and Corinne – my fab and very handsome youngest nephew and his beautiful wife married in Queensland Australia (March 2014)