The end, but there is a beautiful new beginning just around the corner…..

Not long now and it will be 2016.  For me, I will be spending the last remnants of 2015 in the company of some wonderful friends (Lizzie and Dougie who have just been the most beautiful of blessings in our life) and I will also see out the old year in the presence of the rock band Skeeterz ….which Dougie also happens to be the drummer in.  So what better way to farewell a rather big year than that.  I will also be heading back to Australia at the beginning of next year too so that in itself is pretty darn special.

Given it is so very close to the end of the year I have been tidying up a few things which has also involved looking through, cataloguing and cleaning up my photos.  This task has put me in a lovely reflective mood as some of the photos I have looked at were taken just a few days before we left America. These images portray good times and happy memories with some of our dearest friends.

Sometimes, you can’t easily shake the sadness such as we have experienced, especially under the circumstances, but when you have wonderful people in your life you know you are truly fortunate indeed.  Our friends stood by us, supported us, comforted us and helped us through one of the most difficult of times. They laughed with us and cried with us and leaving them was very difficult but we know in our hearts some of these friendships will be with us for a lifetime and for that, we know we are blessed beyond words.

Just a small snapshot of those last few days…..










The very last photos taken of Gus and Zoe before they went to the boarding kennel….







Wishing you all the most wonderful 2016.  May all of your dreams come true. Thank you so much for following my blog during 2015, and for some since its inception in 2013.  Your support really has meant the absolute world.  I was not aware until I received my ‘stats’ from WordPress a couple of days ago, that I have had several thousand hits on my site this year alone and that many followers from 48 different countries.  That is so inspiring and I thank you all once again.  I love writing my blog and when you find something that you love you never feel as though it is a task.  I also believe that when you wake up each day with the thought that something wonderful…no matter how small, is going to happen, then its going to be a pretty good day all round.

See you all next year.   Happy New Year and cheers xxx